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  • Let the world be your classroom!

    Earn your diploma, masters, or doctorate degree in Education, majoring in SPED, Early Childhood Education, Teaching Mathematics, and Guidance & Counseling at the comfort of your own homes and at the convenience of your own time. Enroll at CTU-Online!

    CTU-Online is now also offering Dev.Ed.D. (Major in Early Childhood Education) and Reading courses!

    CTU-Online is now on its ninth School Year! Classes for the First Semester SY 2017-2018 is scheduled for July-October 2017. Enrollment is now ongoing!

    For questions and comments, email us at info@ctu-online.edu.ph

    Quality Education at Your Fingertips
    Our courses, prepared and mentored by highly-qualified professors, are fully-online. Course materials are downloadable and printable, quizzes and exams are conducted online, assignments and projects are submitted online, discussions and interactions among peers and professors are also done online. Even design hearings and panel defenses for Thesis Writing/Case Study/Project Implementation are done online through video conferencing. Enrollment is also processed online.

    Global Reach
    You're never too far to get a CTU diploma. Whether you're inside or outside the country, you can have access to quality CTU education. With our online programs, physical proximity is no longer a barrier to teaching and learning.

    On-Demand Learning
    Anytime, anywhere delivery of education and training, adapted to the specific requirements and preferences of each student. Work on your course modules whenever your schedules permit. Take quizzes or read course materials during your lunch breaks at work or at night after you have put your children to sleep. Even with your challenging schedules, 24/7 accessibility enables you to get hold of information and resources on-demand at any hour, from anywhere. You're never too busy for school with CTU-Online.

    You're never too fast nor too slow if you work on your materials at your own pace. Reduce stress and increase satisfaction by working on your modules at your own time.

    Convenient and Portable
    Courses are accessible on your schedule. Online learning does not require physical attendance. Learning is self-paced (not too slow, not too fast) . You're unbound by time - courses are available 24/7. You're unbound by place - study at home, work, or on the road. Read materials online or download them for reading later.

    No Travel Time and Cost
    Eliminate the costs and hassles of traveling. Imagine the money and the time you can save if you don't have to go to campus to study.

    Affordable Rates
    As always, with CTU, we guarantee you that we offer reasonable and affordable rates for world-class quality education. Shop around for other online program rates, and see how we compare.

    Prompt and Friendly Online Support
    Our prompt and friendly support will make sure that you don't feel you're on your own. Our staff is just an email away whenever you need help and assistance. Email us and be sure to hear from us as soon as we can.

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